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Das halbe Leid (2017)

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The society ”Das halbe Leid” (”Half the Suffering”) has set itself the task of developing the faculty of empathy.
For that purpose 12hour courses are offered where the newly devised method of identity sharing will be applied. ”Das halbe Leid” invites up to 50 persons per course to spend a night among ”sufferers” and ”compassionates”.
Up until now the courses have been a well kept secret in fashionable circles. Now, however, they will be made accessible to the general public.

Booking arrangements:

Each participant will be assigned a bed at Wiesendamm 30 for 12 hours. On site he will be given clothes to wear and his personal belongings will be stored in a locker. Access to the locker is possible at all times. Simple substantial meals are provided. Additional food and drink can be purchased during the course. It is not allowed to bring alcohol. Participation from age 18.

Language: German

Tickets: Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Dates & Times:
16th to 19th of November 2017
29th of Novmeber to 3rd of December 2017
6th to 10th and 13th to 17th of December 2017
4th to 7th and 10th to 14th of January 2018
Always from 19:00 - 07:00

Duration: 12 hours

Place: Wiesendamm 30, 22305 Hamburg, Germany

Public Capacity: 50

Concept & Book: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler

Set Design: Signa Köstler with Olivia Schrøder and Camilla Lønbirk

Sound, Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler with Simon Steinhorst

Costume Design: Tristan Kold with Signa Köstler

Dramaturge: Sybille Meier

Production: Schauspiel Hamburg and SIGNA

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Amanda Babaei Vieira as Alina
Andreas Schneiders as "Sheriff" Kurt
Antonio Schmidt as Joe
Arthur Köstler as Keller Reini
Asger Degnbol as Dima
Benedicte Skjalholt as Oxana
Benjamin Hassmann as "Späti" Rainer
Camilla Lønbirk as Joy
Chiara Nicolaisen as "Hase" Lena
Christopher Ramm as Ruben
Dominik Klingberg as „Überwachungs-Patrick“
Erich Goldmann as Moses Tesar
Evi Meinardus as Susi
Fabian Raith as Rolf
Flora Janewa as Radka
Frederik von Lüttichau as Marc
Georg Bütow as Cliff
Imke Grabe as Gretchen
Jan Liefhold as "Honey"
Joanna Noga as "Grinsi"
Johanna Schmidt as Ute
Julian Sark as Peter Freund
Lorenz Vetter as Wolfgang
Luisa Taraz as Anette
Marie S Zwinzscher as Elisa
Markus Schmon as "PC-Patrick"
Navid Rashid Farrokhi as Der Neue
Olivia Schrøder as Kelly
Kai Friebus as Vadim
Raphael Souza Sá as Serkan
René Marvin Kuhnke as "Gaze"
Saskia Kaufmann as Viola Freund
Signa Köstler as Lonnie
Simon Salem Müller as "Schimmel-Peter"
Simon Steinhorst as "Blondi"
Sofie Ruffing as Lore
Sonja Pikart as Pamela
Thor Albin Kjær as Daniel
Tom Korn as John Koch
Tristan Kold as Minu
Viktoria Steiber as "Puppe" Cayenne
Wanja Neite as Till
Zenzi Huber as Betty

Guest Stars:
Helga Sieler as Erna
Ivana Sokola as Lucia
Jonas Preben Jørgensen as Anders
Mareike Wenzel as “Bauchstech-Anna"
Steven Reinert as “Meister"

Direction: Flora Janewa
Costume: Kerstin Feuerhelm
Tech: Lorenz Vetter and Simon Salem Müller

Guest Assistants: 
Set Design: Asger Degnbol, Benedicte Skjalholt, Chiara Nicolaisen, Thor Albin Kjær
Costume: Meta Jeske, Wanja Neite
Tech: Lasse Munk

Helping Hands:
Amanda Babaei Vieira, Antonio Schmidt, Fabian Raith, Frederik von Lüttichau, Marie S Zwinzscher, Navid Rashid Farrokhi, Raphael Souza Sá, Sofie Ruffing, Sonja Pikart

Production Leader: 
Arthur Köstler with Camilla Lønbirk

Technical Production Leader:
Simon Urbschat

Abdoulaye Badji, Tashi Lama, Andreas Schult  

Erich Goldmann



Almut Schneider
Anne-Dorthe Schrøder
Aski Ayran Elber (consultation)
Benjamin Timm
Johanna Ovesen
Nana Franziska Schottländer
Otto Schrøder Grum


Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Hamburg (ASB)
eGym Vitalegy
Fitness Shop Hamburg
Hotel Fritsche
Hotel Lilienhof
Hotel Wedina
Jugendbildung Hamburg
Prahls Gasthof
Sportgeschäft Mister Fit
STARCAR Autovermietung
Tagwerk St. Georg
Wilhelmsburger Krankenhaus

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