Strands of hair cut off by a member of the audience during the performance and given as a tribute to the character Madam Maggi (Thomas Bo Nilsson).
Drawing of wolf by unknown found in the set.
"The small suicide alphabet" made by the characters known as 'the children'.
Poem for Michette written by the other 'children'
Horse drawings made for Michette by members of the audience
A portrait of Tonino (Simon Steinhorst) made by a member of the audience.
Tonino's (Simon Steinhorst) description of his life.
Drawings found in the notebook of the 'fucker' Umberto (Michael Behrendt)
Pages from the notebook of maid Dana Campos (Camilla Bonde)
One of the so-called 'golden rocks', which 'the children' had to collect to buy themselves basic nescessities.
Photos made and altered by characters and audience during the performance.
Pile of analog photos made by audience and characters during the performance.
Page from the photo album made and used during the performance.
Weather reports made by the audience and the characters known as "the children".
Lyrics and music composed by the characters known as "the children".