We are currently taking a break from big productions in order to catch up on all the smaller stuff, develop concepts and explore new paths.

Finally we have had time to look through old footage. In the upcoming months we will release new videos, sound files and slideshows from different past projects. Also we are working with dramaturg Sybille Meier on a book documenting our work.

We are involved in a film project by Afghan film Director Shahrbanoo Sadat. We will be filming with a group of our veteran actors in Tajikistan this autumn. We are happy to have entered a collaboration with Adomeit Productions, which will hopefully lead to us creating film works of our own.

Presently we are setting our schedule for the next seasons. Our upcoming performance projects will include a travelling funfair camping on the outskirts of German and Danish cities and 27 virgins on a lake by a Danish castle. Our producers will include some of the large German theatres, which we have already been working with as well as new partners such as the Danish Heartland Festival, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, "The Access Point" St. Petersburg and more.

Finally we shall be teaching at Ryslinge Højskole in October (2018).

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