Signa Köstler

Signa Köstler (née Sørensen) was born in Århus in 1975. After graduating from the University of Copenhagen with a dual degree in Art History / Film & Media Studies, Sørensen began to experiment with installation as a medium, initially financing her work by taking employment as a champagne girl in night-clubs. As stated in various interviews, the experiences and environment of the profession inspired, and crucially influenced her future body of work. Testing the limits of proximity and intimacy, Sørensen began placing herself within the installations and among the audience. Often controversial in theme and radical in form, her performances won her praise as one of Europe's leading performance artists and directors. In 2004, Arthur Köstler joined her and they founded the performance collective SIGNA.

Köstler has been nominated for many distinguishing awards: the Reumert Prize for Salò (2010) and Seven Tales of Misery (2006), and an invitation to the Berliner Theatertreffen 2008 with Die Erscheinungen der Martha Rubin (voted one of the 10 best theatre performances of the year 2007). She received the The Danish Stage Directors´ Price of Honor in 2006, and was awarded with the Bisballe Prize in 2005. The Danish Arts Council has been a continued source of support for her performances via several grants and scholarships throughout her career. Signa is married to Arthur Köstler, and they live in Copenhagen.


Arthur Köstler

Born in Gmunden/Austria in 1972, Arthur Köstler began his career as a transgressive performance artist. Between 1995 and 1999, he was the front-man of the experimental music group PEST, touring internationally and enjoying worldwide record distribution. Relocating to Copenhagen in 1998, Köstler created multimedia installations and performances in collaboration with numerous Scandinavian artists and musicians. In 2004, he met Signa Sørensen while playing in her project 57 Beds. This began their collaboration, and solidified the formation of the performance collective SIGNA. Köstler’s area of interest is the development and use of audiovisual media and technical design in SIGNA's performances. Also working in partnership with photographer Erich Goldmann, he produces original films and audio recordings of SIGNA’s work. Köstler holds a Master of Arts from the Royal Danish Art Academy since 2006.

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