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Lago Andersen

Projects: Konwaliowa Cutie Doll (2002),

Larisa Venediktova

Projects: The Black Sea Oracle (2008),


Lasse Munk

Projects: Das Heuvolk (2017),

Lene Lavtsen

Projects: The Black Rose Trick (2005),

Lia Goschke

Projects: Germania Song (2009),

Lily Mc Leish

Projects: Die Hundsprozesse (2011),

Linda Elsner

Projects: Germania Song (2009),

Lino Kleingarn

Projects: Wir Hunde / Us Dogs (2016),

Lisa Kudoke

Projects: Die Hundsprozesse (2011),

Lisa Lie

Projects: 57 Beds (2004),

Louise Østergaard

Projects: Feberhavnen (2015),

Luba Mukibi

Projects: Seven Tales of Misery (2006),

Lukas Steimer

Projects: Söhne & Söhne (2015),

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