Frank Bätge, Louisa Aisin

Night at the Hospital (2007)


Night at the Hospital was the first performance of the Dorine Chaikin Trilogy. Dozens of basement cells in the former powerstation Turbinehallerne were fitted with hospital beds, medical supplies and a nursing staff – converting the space into a fully functioning psychiatric facility for the treatment of amnesia and dissociative identity. Visitors were signed into the hospital by relinquishing all personal identification and belongings, then assigned a temporary identity for the duration of the night. Under the guidance of a stern and caring medical staff, led by Dr. Dorine Chaikin and Dr. Cas Laval, visitors experienced the psychological and sensory experience of the institutional setting, and all of its disorienting, reminiscent and revelatory power.

6th of February 2007: If you love me baby won´t you smile?
7th of February 2007: Let´s go back to the accident
13th of February 2007: In dreams I walk with you
14th of February 2007: Passing glances
20th of Februay 2007: Always reminding me we're apart
21st of February 2007: In the silence of my lonely room

All shows from 22:00 to 10:00 the following morning 

Place: Turbinehallerne, Adelgade 10, Copenhagen, Denmark

Press Quotes:

“As a patient, you help create not only your own story, but also the greater plot. There is a non-spoken agreement between the participants that you are inventing your identity together. All hospital patients suffer from amnesia; why and to what extent it is their common mystery to solve. However, you do not leave the hospital with the riddles solved, but rather with the feeling that you have not had enough. As theater, “A Night at the Hospital” is neither pleading, pig-headed nor vulgar, but enchanting, deep and spell-binding in its insanity.” (translated from Danish)
-Ida-Marie Fich, Byen kalder


Concept & Direction: Signa Köstler

Set Design: Thomas Bo Nilsson, Signa Köstler and Nana Francisca Schottländer

Audiovisual Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler

Costumes: Thomas Bo Nilsson

Production: The Royal Danish Theatre and SIGNA

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Arthur Köstler as Dr. Maxim Bleier
Agustin Weissbein as Dr. Vito Ivanov
Emil Groth Larsen as Surveillance Tom Castor
Frank Bätge as Dr. Fletcher Marko
Gry Hallberg as Nurse Lu-Ann Rosenberg
Heidi Kit Møller as Cleaning lady Lydia Roth
Inga Gerner Nielsen as Nurse Ronnette Lori
Irina Zabrodina as Nurse Rositsa Schreier
Kim Skjoldager Nielsen as Dr. Juro Braun
Louisa Aisin as Nurse Edita Zala
Louise Bagger as Nurse Marietta Garland
Mads Fahnøe as Surveillance Kalani Wagner
Marianne Hendriksen as Secretary Gilda Rico
Nana Francisca Schottländer as Dr. Leilani Hagen
Sarah Otte as Nurse Jolánka Siskin
Signa Sørensen as Dr. Dorine Chaikin
Stig Eivind Vatne as Dr. Hector Reto
Thomas Bo Nilsson as Dr. Cas Laval
Zille Gellert as Cleaning lady Kitty Steiner

Hosts: Finn Basel and Rikke Hedeager Matthiesen

Thanks to: Tapetorama, McKorman, Michael Gaardsøe, Djawed Kimouche, Maria Rugbjerg, Ebbe Valbak (Liquid Light), Troels

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