”With good reason, Signa belongs to the rare breed of Danish performers with international success. Their form of interactive immersive theater matches the age of 2.0 perfectly, asking for the audience's participation in creating a unique product. The intensity of leaders Signa Sørensen, Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson created on a grand scale I have not seen the likes of anywhere.” (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“Once you ventured into the monstrosities of `Salo´, not only was it possible to experience emotional lashing or get provoked to the core - you were also forced to take a stand, mercilessly confronted by your own part in it – passive or not – by maintaining the whole machinery of violence. This is what, badly needed, is called food for thought.” (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

“With the current performance Salo, the audience can witness total human degradation in the whorehouse from hell. It sounds incredible, but it is an disquietingly fascinating, artistic achievement.  I am not normally a fan of exaggerated interaction between performers and audience, nor am I interested in violent porn or whorehouses. I have never managed to watch Pasolini´s film without the remote within reach. Nevertheless, I am deeply affected by this eminent theater.” (translated from Danish)
- Sara-Luise Pedersen, Kunsten.nu

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