"People stop and stare from behind the wire fence. Signa sucks people in. Not long ago, the Danish performance goddess was worshipped at the Berliner Theatertreffen, and together with Austrian media artist Arthur Köstler, she enthralled the Ruhr district (…) in the camp where reality and fiction ceased to exist. The abuse of power sticks to the bodies of the passers-by – much like the lingering odor of the campfire." (translated from Danish)
- Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information

"The structure, atmosphere and aesthetics of 11th Knife embody the shabby decadence of the interwar period that SIGNA masters. In a landscape of run-down trailers, the two self-appointed masters reign over a strange hierarchy. Their game of fate has no clear rules as they control the manic gambling inhabitants, who gladly sacrifice everything to keep playing." (translated from Danish)
- Jan Samuelsen, Kunsten.nu

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