"The young performance artist Signa Sørensen has done it again with her new work '57 Beds'. Created a both magic and frightening scene where the line between fiction and reality ceases to exist, the barrier between audience and actors has been broken down, and where questions of borders and identity are put forth. (...) The way in which the actors insist on and steep themselves in their characters, fascinates time and again." (translated from Danish)
- Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende

"In a challenging way, [Signa Sørensen] takes part in fostering new ways to test the line between art and reality - just as she has done it with 'Twin Life' and 'Nightfinder' - but what she in fact manages to stage, is a new theatrical reality." (translated from Danish)
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken

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