Alina Nechepurenko, Dari Boronkinova

Playthings (2019)

"Now that I am dying, let's play. I've barely lived and seen nothing in this life. You are young and you are poor, and you have nothing to lose. I am sick and I am bored and I am in a hurry. I want your everything and I want it fast. So play by my rules and play it hard. All my riches are yours to win."

A dying woman of significant wealth returns with her entourage to Saint Petersburg, the birth city of her estranged mother. Disappointed by how little her shielded life had to offer, she is determined to catch up before she dies. In an abandoned factory she creates a kingdom around the throne of her death bed. The citizens of her sovereign state are underprivileged youth recruited on the streets of the city. Day and night they must play 'The End Game', to conjure up every moment that their queen missed out on. The prizes are plentiful; the mansions, the diamonds, the ferrari... But the stakes are higher than anyone bargained for. Failing is not an option.

Language: Russian, English


Dates & Times:
27th of November at 20h
28th of November at 14h and 20h
29th of November at 20h
30th of November at 14h and 20h
1st of December at 14h and 20h
4th of December at 14h and 20h
5th of December at 14h and 20h
6th of December at 20h
7th of December at 14h and 20h
8th of December at 20h
10th of December at 20h
11th of December at 14h and 20h
12th of December at 20h
13th of December at 14h and 20h
14th of December at 14h and 20h


4 hours

84AB Revolution Highway, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Public Capacity:

Concept & Book: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler & Larysa Venediktova

Set & Costume: Signa Köstler with Amanda Babaei Vieira and Lorenz Vetter

Media & Tech: Arthur Köstler with Simon Salem Müller

Ambient Sound: Mikk Siemer

Production: SIGNA and Festival NET

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Alexandra Kolosovskaya as Twirl (61)
Alexandra Kraeva as Pearl (82)
Alina Nechepurenko as Moonshine (41)
Amanda Babaei Vieira as 11
Anastasia Kovalchuk as Starlight (52)
Andrey Vasilyev as 17
Anna Barkalova as Breeze (22)
Arthur Köstler as 12
Dari Boronkinova as Cookie (43)
Daria Sedova as Kitten (32)
Daria Shakurova as Snowflake (62)
Elena Gorlatova as Peachy (53)
Ivan Kurkin as 18
Julia Chernykh as Twinkle (63)
Karina Scherbakova as Pepper (83)
Ksenia Komoza as Swan (71)
Ksenia Nefedova as Muffin (93)
Larysa Venediktova as 1
Liza Terina as Lark (92)
Lorenz Vetter as 14
Maria Galochkina as Cherry (91)
Maria Khromova as Pony (72)
Maria Ponomareva as Bambi (23)
Maria Pusser as Peanut (31)
Mikk Siemer as 16
Roman Mikhashchuk as 19
Signa Köstler as Lady
Simon Salem Müller as 15 

Production Leader: 
Arthur Köstler

Scene42 S/I v. Christine Bibaud og Erling Larsen

Erich Goldmann

Team Festival NET:
Olga Arshanskaya
Anna Razumova
Aleksandr Pushkin


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