The Market (2021)


For centuries market life, in its diversity and explosive social nature, has folded artists, merchants, and peddlers into its structural fabric. Following the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the market space has gained a new place in our consciousness as the epicenter of contagion. The exhibition The Market positions its point of departure from this nullified space. At Simian, in the proximity of the shopping mall Field’s, the spectator enters a delusional view of a mall - an abandoned, haunted market with stalls of many kinds, evolving in a state of advanced dissolution.

The Market was awarded by The Danish Arts Foundation

Tickets: Free

Dates & Times:
29th of May to 3rd of July 2021
(Thursday to Saturday 12:00 - 17:00)

Place: SIMIAN Exhibition Space, Kay Fiskers Plads 17, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Simulacrum Galore (Kunstkritikk, English & Danish)

Concept: Signa & Arthur Köstler

Artistic Collaboration: Tristan Kold, Mille Qvist

Soundscape: Martin Stig Andersen

Photography: Erich Goldmann

Special Thanks:

Ebbe Sørensen
Jens-Andreas Dolberg Elkjær
Thor Albin Kjær
Alba Köstler
Musik og Teaterhøjskolen


Christian Vindelev
Jan S. Hansen
Toke Flyvholm
Markus von Platen

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statens værksteder for kunst


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