Zille Gellert

The Oracle's Boat (2009)

In an old assembly hall of Elsinore, new players have been gathered and prepared to play the game. Each of them bereft of their past, they battle day and night– grinding each other down to please the masters and guests of the spectacle. In the midst of it all, the remnant boat of Martha Rubin is placed. Humble servants claim to have carried it all the way from the Black Sea to the Norse coast. Now possessed with the divinity of the Goddess, the ritual games are blessed by the spirit of the oracle.

Date: 6th to 8th of August 2009 (55 hours nonstop)

Place: Teaterhuset, Stengade 51, Helsingør, Denmark


Concept: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler

Set and Costume Design: Thomas Bo Nilsson and Signa Köstler

Audiovisual Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler

Production: SIGNA and KIT

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Arthur Köstler as Game Master
Camilla Pia Bonde as Playerette 32
Casper Koeller as Servant
Emil Groth Larsen as Player 60
Frank Bätge as Game Master
Irma Wagner as Playerette 81
Jens Ibsen Kurre as Servant Palermo
Martina Deltcheva as Playerette 3
Momo Subotic as Servant Groscny
Sarah Otte as Maid Roma
Signa Köstler as The Rabbit
Sybille Meier as Maid Hamburg
Thomas Bo Nilsson as Player 19
Zille Gellert as The Goddess

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