Kenneth Harrison

The Devil's Bones (2006)

In this ritualistic adaptation of the spinning wheels, an ancient world-wide order stands behind the rules of a fatal game. In the vacant depot of a train yard, the Devil´s Bones are thrown into a circle of chalk and soil, dictating the identities and prescribed fortune of the two playerettes and the ‘rabbit’. Amid the dust and flickering wicks, they play because they must. Though the ending of this rite is imminent, nothing is certain except the sacrifice of a naked body on the rails.

Date: 27th of April to 1st of May 2006

Place: An abandoned goods depot behind the train station of Bremen, Germany


Concept and Set Design: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler

Audiovisual Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler

Production: Freaks, Friends and Players (a festival arranged by Junges Theater Bremen) and SIGNA

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Arthur Köstler as Servant Warschau / Game Master
Astrid Bockhop as Servant Salzgitter
Bärbel Anskeit as Servant Bonn
Emilia Klamann as White, playerette
Frank Piasecki Poulsen as Servant Hollywood
Kenneth Harrison as Game Master
Saskia Rüsenberg as Black, playerette
Signa Köstler as Game Mistress / Rabbit
Theresa Harrison as The Goddess
Wiebke Strombeck as Servant Baden-Baden

Best Girl: Britta Seidl

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