Emil Groth Larsen

Die Komplex Nord Methode (2008)


Die Komplex Nord Methode was the third and final installment of the Dorine Chaikin Trilogy. Still under the auspicious care of Dr. Dorine Chaikin and her expert team of colleagues and nurses, whose yellowing portraits hung with precise austerity in the lobby- visitors entering the bustling ward again became patients of her ward, adopting a fictive identity, complete with issued hospital gowns and attire. During their stay, patients participated in an extensive series of newly developed therapeutic exercises including primal therapy and private consultations as well as leisure activities, such as baking and board games - designed to encourage “pro-social” behavior and foster memory skills.

Date: 3rd to 13th of October 2008, nonstop
Check-in at 12:00 and 18:00
Check-out at 12:00, 18:00, & 24:00

Place: Joanneum, Neutorgasse 45, Graz, Austria

Press Quotes:

"Es war eine völlig neue Erfahrung, ob nun Echtzeittheater, Performance-Installation, begehbarer Film oder was auch immer. Dabei wurde man im Endeffekt subtiler auf sich selbst gestoßen, als es in der Beschreibung klingen mag. (...) wie viel man im 'Komplex Nord' doch erfahren hat: über seine sozialen und ideologischen Schmerzgrenzen."
- Almuth Spiegler, Die Presse


Concept: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson

Set and Costume Design: Signa Köstler & Thomas Bo Nilsson

Audiovisual Media and Technical Design: Arthur Köstler

Production: Steirischer Herbst and SIGNA

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Dominik Klingberg as Dr. Tom Bergfalk
Emil Groth Larsen as Dr. Scott Angelov
Signa Sørensen as Dr. Dorine Chaikin
Thomas Bo Nilsson as Dr. Cas Laval

Alice Trost as Fleur-Belle Schwarz
Christina Scheutz as Diana Perlstein
Ilil Land-Boss as Olga-Jean Karmin
Ina Mastnak as Bella-Vera Astor
Irma Wagner as Karmela Kirsch
Jenny Steenken as Zucki Ackart
Katrin Osterberg as Valencia Roth
Mareike Wenzel as Leona Fabian
Petra Pölzl as Elsa-Rae Heston
Sofia Laggner as Palisa Weller

Cleaning & Cooking ladies
Ana Valeria Lopez as Lupita del Rio
María Pía Bertoldi as Rosita Santos

Arthur Köstler as Bela Hirsh
Frank Bätge as Chet Lang
Klaus Jägersbacher as Melchior Sonnhof

Photos: Erich Goldmann

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