Signa Sørensen (now Köstler), Nana Francisca Schottländer

Nika is Dead (2002)


Nika is Dead was the last installation of the Twin Life project. It revolved around Nika's staged death and resurrection, at times a seemingly insolvable murder mystery and at others, a requiem in memory of her life. The performance evolved over a period of ten days and was open to the public at all times. Ten performers occupied ten rooms in an abandoned industrial building playing day and night. The performance also featured audio and video installation, photography and relics.

Visitors were given the opportunity to journey through the rooms of Nika is Dead in many different ways. They met with the performers, read discarded letters and looked at photographs. Others walked the installation, observing how it progressed from day to day. Some shared meals with the inhabitants, staying overnight as if holding a vigil for Nika.

Date: 10th to 20th of October 2002, nonstop
Place: Old industrial rooms in the ground floor of Njalsgade 17 – 27 (now demolished), Copenhagen, Denmark

Press Quotes:

"With Nika is Dead, Signa Sørensen has extended a work which more than everything else in the present radiates presence."
- Janus Kodal, Politiken

"Exploring Signa Sørensen's new performance installation 'Nika is Dead' is both puzzling, challenging and utterly fascinating. A highly daring game in which the audience is in direct dialogue with the performers and becomes part of an inseparable mixture of reality and fiction."
- Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende


Concept and Set Design: Signa Köstler

Direction: Signa Köstler with Paw Petersen

Light: Eva Ulvan Handberg

Sound: Jakob Brandt-Pedersen

Production: Ctrl+Art, Paw Petersen, Lars Vind-Andersen and Angelica Berdini

Devising Ensemble: (in alphabetical order)
Denni Dennis as Father Simon
Ewa Walczak-Andersen as Martha Zabriskie
Guxi Maria Abel as Djina
Kirsten Nottelman Hansen as cleaning lady
Marijana Milecevic as fortune teller
Mette Aakjær as Lia
Nana Francisca Schottländer as Felicia Lucia Winther
Signa Köstler as Nika / Ana Zabriskie
Søren Mühldorf as the caretaker
Thomas Smedegaard as Sücksdorf
Tina Kraft as Billie Mae
Tobias Heilmann as the Angel

Supported by: Kulturministeriets Udviklingsfond, Tuborg Fonden and Københavns Kulturfond

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