Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Twinlife (2001)

Twinlife was the first installation of a four part series of performances known as the Twin Life Project. For the duration of one week, passers-by visited or simply observed as a group of performers acted out the story of the mysteriously and terminally ill Nika Zabrisky, her twin sister and their entourage. The group of performers formed relationships and storylines via extended improvisations that were influenced by the reactions of the audience. As a fully immersive installation, all the daily routines and possessions of the performers were visible to the audience, who often returned on numerous occasions. Some came for multiple visits, others spent the night and took part in the lives of the fictitious characters by confiding in them, or creating characters of their own. Over time, narrative layers that blended fiction and factual personal information were constructed, inextricably woven together and redefined – all connected to Nika in their individual ways.

Date: 22nd to 29th of September, 2001, nonstop
Place: 5 room basement flat in Vendersgade 17, Copenhagen, Denmark

Press Quotes:

"We are talking of an innovative form of art that deals with the fundamental human conditions: life, death, identity, reality/fiction, sexuality, doubt, etc. Works capable of disintegrating that artistic past on which they depend and at the same time are in continuation of. I strongly recommend everyone to get acquainted with the works of Signa Sørensen while she is still a part of the artistic underground."
- Martin Arne Olafsen,


Concept, Direction and Set Design: Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Production: Paw Petersen, Ctrl+Art

Sound: Jesper Kruse

Cast: (in alphabetical order)

Anja Spenceley as Ana Zabriskie

Bettina Grove as Nina

Cecilie Høstgaard-Brene as Nicole

Denni Dennis as Father Simon

Jeanett Albech as Maria
Jesper Kruse as Krysztof Zabriskie

Marijana Milicevic as Martha Zabriskie

Ramona Macho as herself
Signa Sørensen (now Köstler) as Nika Zabriskie

Sofus Walbom Kring as Oliver

Søren Mühldorf as the caretaker

Supported by: Kulturministeriets Udviklingsfond and Københavns Kommunes Kulturfond

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