Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Why Baby Hospital (2001)

The second installation of the Twin Life Project was Why Baby Hospital. Set in the midst of a techno rave, the performance was a 6 hour disintegration of the visual and linear elements of Nika’s story. Why Baby Hospital was conceived as an abstract staging of Nika's recurrent nightmares following her hospitalization.

The noxious and hostile tone of the installation was amplified by its contrast to the rave surrounding it - an unpleasant wedge of glaring lights, decay and death amidst a party that did not exist to the performers within.

Date: 16th of November, 2001
Place: Luftkastellet, Strandgade 100B, Copenhagen, Denmark (the party Italic Vogue)


Concept, Direction and Set Design: Signa Sørensen (now Köstler)

Light: Eva Ulvan Handberg

Production: Ctrl+Art, Paw Petersen and Martin Johansen

Cast: (in alphabetical order)
Denni Dennis as Father Simon
Marijana Milicevic as Mara
Signa Sørensen (now Köstler) as Nika Zabriskie
Sofus Walbum Kring as Oliver

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